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ClearGrid is a start-up company founded by utility industry veterans and data mining, GIS, and imagery analytics experts. We are pioneering advanced data analytics in the energy sector. Privately-held, ClearGrid is based in the Greater New York City Area. It is a member of the New York City Accelerator for a Clean and Resilient Economy (NYC ACRE).

  • 2014

    Customer Benefits

    We use novel datasets and advanced models to deliver actionable insights to users of energy industry data. The result: happier, more satisfied customers.

Our Services

Advanced Insights

We identify the key factors in energy decision making and recommend the appropriate courses of action to customers, energy utilities, and trusted intermediaries.

Resource Monitoring

We model key changes in your customers' uses of energy, including the use of distributed energy resources.

Asset Management

Improve the accuracy of your GIS, keep better track of equipment locations and status, and manage your infrastructure better.

Michael Wyman

Michael managed electric utility technology and M&A strategy for 5 years, most recently as Business Development and M&A Manager at PSEG, the largest utility in NJ. While there, he saw 75% of the utility's customers lose power after Hurricane Sandy, and had a vision of using imagery better. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst, JD, member of the New York State Bar.

Jay Fletcher

Jay has over 30 years experience in the utility industry, including as a project manager and team leader with Northeast Utilities. He has been called upon to be an expert witness in over two dozen regulatory proceedings, and in front of the Connecticut Legislature. He was strategic lead on three distribution company rate proceedings. He has an M.S. In Business Economics and a B.S. In Marketing from Bentley University.

Jim Reesman

Advisor Jim Reesman is an experienced software developer and team leader. He has over 30 years of software development experience and an MS in Computer Science from Stanford, with a focus on computer vision and machine learning. He was previously Vice President of Software Engineering for a large, publicly traded digital imagery codec company.

Ram Krishna Patwari

Ram Krishna is a versatile and resourceful software architect, seasoned in both back-end and front-end. He has a strong understanding of essential programming languages like C, JAVA (OOP) and Python, as well as Android app development. Research interests include Augmented Reality, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Virtual Machines, Networking, and others. He is currently a full-time Computer Science Master’s Student at NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering.

Gaurav Chhabra

Gaurav Chhabra is a full time Computer Science graduate student at NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering, with a good understanding of full stack development with projects in the domains of android applications, web development and image processing. He is experienced with C/C++, Java, Javascript, NodeJS among a few.

Khurram Shafique

Khurram has a PhD in Computer Science and 10 years of leadership experience in data mining, data aggregation and image processing. He was Chief Scientist at ObjectVideo, a leading data visualization and image processing firm, where he steered its R&D for government and commercial clients and managed a group of 30 engineers.

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